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I believe that foods can provide our best nutrition if we are buying wholesome, organic products. The more natural anything is, the better it is for you. Also, some simple, inexpensive household items we always seem to have on hand can provide us with some incredible health benefits. Here’s 4 items that you should always have on hand:

Nowadays everyone wants to buy supplements for everything which can get very costly and some of these may be providing you with more than you need, which is not a good thing. Too much of anything is bad for you; even water. Next time look to find out what foods might supply you with that nutrient(s). The only supplement all of us definitely need that our food supply cannot provide is more than our food is omega 3’s.

The World’s Healthiest Foods List:

This is an excellent website for looking up foods high in essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.  I am a big promoter of eating healthier foods versus turning to supplements first.

This subset of the above link is a list of nutritious foods and you can click on each to see the nutritional values:

Cider Vinegar (top of page):

Cider vinegar is a great, natural, and very inexpensive addition to your health regime. It’s not only packed full of vitamins and minerals, it’s great for reducing cholesterol, better circulation, helping in weight loss, candida, and blood pressure just to name a few of the benefits. Also it can help alleviate headaches and allergies. I use Braggs and it’s easily found in most health food stores. For more information on the health benefits you can also Google: health benefits of cider vinegar. Here are just a few of the sites:  - headache/migraine/allergy remedies

Molasses (top of page)

Contrary to some beliefs, molasses is an excellent source of many nutrients, including some iodine:

Cayenne (top of page)

Great for the heart and all your organs as it is a great stimulator. Also stops bleeding. Shirley’s Wellness Café (lots of other great info hear, too)

Worlds Healthiest Foods

Honey (top of page)

Did you know that honey is the only food in the world that never spoils?  Honey is not only good for our insides but has many uses on the outside of the body, too.

Worlds Healthiest Foods

Honey & Cinnamon (top of page)

Combined, these 2 foods create a very powerful duo for many ailments.  Cinnamon alone has many benefits, too:

Omega 3 for health:

We cannot get enough omega 3 in our diet no matter how much fish you eat.  There are several good ways to add omega 3 healthy fatty acids to your diet.  With my biofeedback therapies I see many people who are deficient in fatty acids. 

Foods rich in Omega 3:

The following are products I have used or am using:

Carlson’s Fish Oils: readily found in most health food stores (cod liver oil contains more vitamins A & D.

Antartic Krill Oil (Dr. Mercola’s site):

ProOmega Pharmaceutical grade capsules by Nordic Naturals – look around online for various prices

Udo’s Choice Oil Blend:

I actually buy this in quart bottles for a great price at:  scroll down to Udo’s Choice Oil Blend or try:

Udo’s site with lots of information:

Virgin Coconut Oil:

Virgin coconut oil is another great way to get essential fatty acids.  I have been using their products for over 2 years.  I also use the coconut soap, lotion and have recently tried their cleaning and laundry products.   If you order please use my name Robin Grant and id 154932

I don’t get commissions if you do this, I only get some additional discounts on products.  You can get discounts, too, by referring others after you place an order.

Greens: (top of page)

Nature’s Best Greens:

This is the brand I use but there are other good greens products on the market.  Make a smoothie for breakfast and add some extra nutrition with greens.

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