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What is biofeedback? 

Bio is from the Greek prefix meaning life and feedback is a term for receiving information on current behavior.  In the sense of human biofeedback it is a way to make us aware of the physiological and emotional status of our body.  This feedback can be used to influence or modify future behavior.  It is a painless, non-drug therapy.

Biofeedback in reference to the SCIO is a machine that does energetic therapy by doing an energetic analysis of the human body.  Our bodies produce electricity and by measuring these electrical responses we can learn about what our body knows via the unconscious mind.  By scanning and measuring these bodily electrical responses the SCIO gathers bio-energetic data about a personís physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.  It can then send electro-magnetic pulses back to the body to harmonize the bodyís stresses and imbalances to help create balance of mind, body and spirit.

Our unconscious mind knows everything that is going on within your body even though your conscious mind does not.  Biofeedback opens the door to the unconscious because self-healing does not come from the verbal conscious mind.

Ultimately, YOU are responsible for the changes.

Change your behavior, change your results.

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