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What is the SCIO?

What is the SCIO? How is it connected? What does it do? How does it work? Suited to Children? Animals/pets? Testing &  Features Therapies

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What is the SCIO?

The SCIO (to “know”) is the culmination of 20 years of research in measuring stress in the human body.  Comprised of 55 high-speed frequency channels and the largest medical software package in the world, the SCIO provides the most comprehensive and accurate stress detection and reduction analysis of the human body available on the market today.

The SCIO is a naturopathic device used to stimulate and harness the tremendous capacity of the human body for self-healing. Through the use a highly sophisticated computer program, with sensors attached to the limbs and head, it measures and feeds resonance information between the device and the client.  It tells us about the energetic state of one's body and the direction in which the body is focusing its energy.

The energetic components in the body are measured which then give a result that allows insights into imbalances that exist in the body.  These insights and imbalances include: allergens, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, organ sarcodes, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, candida, muscles, bones, toxins, brain waves and all vital body functions.

After assessing the body’s needs and imbalances, the SCIO feeds back information to the body to aid its ability to re-balance itself and reduce stress.

The SCIO was formulated by Dr. William Nelson after combining Western and Eastern medical therapies with quantum physics, computer technology, non-linear mathematics, and ‘fuzzy logic’.  Dr. Nelson’s invention encompassed the best of the above disciplines while eliminating the worst - error based on human bias, synthetic chemicals, and invasive surgery.  Welcome to the SCIO!

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