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Balancing Body Energy for Health & Vitality

Certified Biofeedback Specialist Certified Lymphologist NLP Coach  EFT  TFH Practitioner
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"The road to better health will not be found through more drugs, doctors and hospitals. Instead, it will be discovered through better nutrition and changes in lifestyle." Dr. William G. Crook, M.D. (passed away in 2002)

Change your behavior, change your results.

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Distance healing available.

My specialty is freeing you from pain and stress using EFT, Biofeedback, Touch for Health, and a great Ionic Foot Detox to clear toxins, reduce stress from illness or trauma, and pain management so you can live the life you are meant to live - with peace, joy, balance, and vitality.

The human body is truly a multi-dimensional genius. Our natural state is one of brilliance, balance, harmony, and love but unfortunately we are bombarded every day with many disruptive energies that throw our bodies out of balance. The energetic therapies that I provide can relieve stresses around current issues and even past issues that may be limiting your ability to move forward.

Due to a health issue of my own with Lyme, I chose to go the alternative health route and saw huge strides in my health improvement. I personally use all of these techniques on myself and my husband so I know how effective they are and the results I have seen.

Pick a technique that appeals to you or let me use my knowledge to suggest one or more depending on your health goals.

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