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Energy Balancing

Balancing Body Energy for Health & Vitality

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Energy Balancing 

 “The next big frontier is energy medicine. It’s understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel.”

Stated by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Oprah Show, February 13, 2007

Our busy lives are filled with many stressors – commute traffic, jobs, children, parents, diet, habits, past traumas, emotions, lifestyles, health issues, allopathic medicines, environmental toxins, electromagnetic pollution (electro-smog like cell phones, microwaves, computers, TVs), pathogens, heredity, and much more.  Excess stress is the pathway to dis-ease.  As we grow older our bodies are not as good at removing the toxins.  Over time the toxins build up and can lead to a variety of health issues.  Also our uptake of oxygen decreases with age as does our ability to recognize thirst and our thymus shrinks.  We may appear to be healthy because we do not have any symptoms but, having no symptoms does not necessarily mean good health.  Good health is wellness and wellness should be enjoyed anytime, all the time, by everyone.

Biofeedback is an energetic therapy that is non-invasive. It is a therapeutic technology that energetically scans the body and harmonizes the body’s stresses and imbalances and returns your body back to health by reducing the stressors that can cause disease.  The whole point of biofeedback therapy is to gain knowledge so you can take actions by addressing your health in an intelligent manner.

Our bodies deal with stress in many ways.  First our body gets an alarm response from the stressor which may provoke symptoms.  Second, if the stress continues, the body goes into an adaptation stage; this is usually a symptom free stage.  As mentioned above, a lack of symptoms is not necessarily a sign of good health.  Sometimes our bodies are working so hard at trying to fend off current stressors that it cannot deal with some of the previous stressors we did not pay attention to.  The third stage is the exhaustion stage and that is when the chronic issues that we have been dealing with may become more of a serious nature because our bodies are not working on removing them.  It’s like getting a little tap on the head saying “you have a stressor here, pay attention”.   When we don’t pay attention we may get another tap on the head but if we do not pay attention then that issue may drop into a chronic state that could show up later as a serious health issue.

Energy therapy revolves around quantum physics and involves changing the frequencies of various stressors.  Our bodies are all about energy – vibrations and frequencies (radio signals), i.e. electrical energy.  Our blood has an electrical energy and even our thoughts are energy.  Energy is a life force.  It is not only the source of human health and vitality but of the very universe itself.   It is the biological energy driving, nourishing and regulating all living matter.  In humans it is the source of movement and transformation, protecting and warming our bodies plus governing the functions of our organs.  Each of our 100 trillion cells operates at a certain frequency and these cells work together as a network keeping our body in harmony.  These frequencies, amperage, voltage, and magnetic energy can be measured.    Our bodies are not only physical, but mental, spiritual, and emotional energy beings; multi-dimensional.  Your energy system is subject to electrical interferences which can cause blockages in the body’s energy system.  These stressors can produce erratic vibrations that can lead to disharmony, injury, and dis-ease.  We are around all types of frequencies all the time.  Stressors like viruses, fungi, parasites all have frequencies as do flowers and colors in a more positive way.  When the frequencies of our cells are high we experience good health but when the cell frequency is low we are more susceptible to dis-ease.   Lower frequencies can come from being exposed to toxins on a physical, emotional or mental level.  All disease is really misplaced energy in the wrong frequency.   Energy therapies increase the vibration or the frequency of the cells to bring the vibrational level of the body back to its natural state.

 So, how does the Quantum Biofeedback SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation) device do this and why is it different?   The SCIO helps determine the energy flows in the body, why there are blockages, the levels of hydration, oxygenation, toxicity, nutritional levels, why you are feeling pain, why you are feeling so tired and fatigued, and much more.  Other possible stresses in the body can be lack of awareness, heredity, mental factors, allergies, trauma, pathogens, or electromagnetic pollution. 

The SCIO accurately measures over 9,000 different things such as vitamin levels, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, toxins, hormone levels, muscle tone, molds, bacteria, fungi, viruses, allergies, emotional, and stressed organs or other blockages.  It can also send back energetic responses to the body to help balance and harmonize the stressors.  The objective is to remove or reduce the causes of stress, unblock the blockages to the flow of life, and reduce tendencies to disease patterns and habits.  This is done painlessly and non-invasively with the SCIO.

 Energy therapy is truly the next big wave in health wellness.  As more and more people are finding that traditional therapy does not always meet their needs they are turning to alternative ways to deal with health issues and/or take a more pro-active role in their health before a serious health issue develops.  There is still a place for traditional medicine in some form like emergency surgery, but mostly allopathic medicine treats sickness with toxic medications that can have serious side effects.   Energy therapies are more about treating the body as a whole being – not just a physical being but an emotional, spiritual and mental being as well.  Allopathic medicine is more about pushing toxic, chemical drugs because these are patentable.  Natural medicines cannot be patented thus there is no money in that for the big pharmaceutical companies.  There is a research paper and book by Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND and Trueman Tuck called Death By Medicine.  Here’s the link to the paper:  Death By Medicine – The Paper.   Don’t wait until you have a serious illness to want good health.  Make exploring the benefits of energy therapy with the Quantum Biofeedback SCIO a top priority.  


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